Welcome to Angeles Mediation

Angeles Mediation provides mediation services for
theĀ greater Puget Sound region
and Olympic Peninsula.

Mediation is a professionally guided negotiation where the mediator helps the parties find a solution to their problem.

Angeles Mediation is a lawyer based mediation service that offers an effective and cost efficient process to help people resolve legal matters including divorce, family, business, employee and probate matters. Mediation is highly effective at keeping parties out of expensive court battles. It allows the parties to stay in control of their situation and choose the outcome, rather than relying on a judge to impose his own view and solutions to the problems.

If an ongoing relationship is important, such as in co-parenting, family and business/employee cases, mediation is a far more effective problem solving method than the adversarial court system.

Angeles Mediation helps parties stay focused on their future needs to develop solutions that enhance the lives of all involved.

Angeles Mediation is a service of Mark K. Baumann, Attorney at Law.