Prevention Works! of Clallam County

Prevention Works! of Clallam County has updated their website, and includes a list of all upcoming parenting education courses and general parenting information. It also has information about bullying prevention, home visiting programs, early infant mental health screening, and other information about preventing problems for children.

Many children are exposed to a wide variety of risk factors. Continue reading ‘Prevention Works! of Clallam County’

Angeles Mediation Pro Bono Domestic Violence Mediation Project

Angeles Mediation Pro Bono Domestic Violence Mediation Project

Mark Baumann, JD, Rachel Hardies, MA, and Angeles Mediation, are accepting referrals by advocates, lawyers, therapists, doctors and other professional persons for their pro bono Domestic Violence Mediation Project. This project is designed to help low income families who have had allegations or a history of domestic violence resolve conflict through mediation. Domestic violence may involve physical and/or emotional abuse, and/or may be perceived as a “high conflict” case. These are difficult cases that require special handling and attention, particularly to both parties needs and safety. Continue reading ‘Angeles Mediation Pro Bono Domestic Violence Mediation Project’

Speaking at NW Dispute Resolution Conference

Mark Baumann, J.D., and Rachel Hardies, M.A., will present Exploring High Conflict Cases at the April 30th, 2010, Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference, on behalf of Bill Eddy’s High Conflict Institute.

In this advanced workshop, we will provide and review cheat sheets for recognizing high conflict behaviors and solutions for effectively reducing conflict in very difficult cases. Then, using case examples, we will look at the dynamics of what is happening and explore specific ways of dealing with the problems. Continue reading ‘Speaking at NW Dispute Resolution Conference’

Family law meditiation training

At the Clallam County Bar Association training for non-laywers, I spoke about the methods and value of mediating divorce cases. At the presentation one I talked about the importance of a mediator listening and respecting the parties. Non-legal professionals can also put these skills to great effect, whether as an advocate, courthouse facilitator, or even just as a friend. It’s said that “people can’t hear until they have been heard”, and this seems particularly true for people involved in conflict and crisis.

At the training I shared this wonderful poem from Dr. Thomas Gordon:

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Keynote speaker at DV Vigil

Mark Baumann will be the key note speaker at the October 20, 2010, Clallam County Domestic Violence vigil, hosted by Healthy Families of Port Angeles.

His topic will be the importance and difficulty of listening to and respecting victims of abuse. Domestic violence comes in many forms and can physical and/or emotional and can be perpetrated by men or women. Victims are often in an emotional place where they have been beaten down by their abuser and they often have a difficult time seeing their options and feeling their worth –they feel helpless. Compassionate listening is what victims need first. Only until they feel heard can they start to understand the reality of their situation. This can lead to an ability for abuse victims to start to gain a sense of mastery over their lives.

Speaking on family law mediation

Mark Baumann, lawyer and mediator, will present on mediation at the 2010 Clallam County Bar Association Family Law Training for non-lawyers involved in the legal system. He will review the methods and value of mediation in family cases, explain why early mediation can be valuable in reducing the overall conflict and cost of a divorce, how mediation is a much better alternative to litigation when parents are interested in getting along for the sake of their child, and explain why listening is the first and foremost tool for mediators.

Mark Baumann litigates and mediates family law cases in Port Angeles, and mediates high conflict cases in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Everett, Tacoma, Olympia and throughout the greater Puget Sound region.


Speaking on High Conflict mediation at Seattle U

Mark Baumann will be presenting on mediating with high conflict people at the Seattle University Mediation Clinic / King Co. Dispute Resolution Center 40 hour mediation training, August 18, 2010.

Peacekeepers peer mediation program

Peacekeepers is a Port Angeles High School peer mediation program started by Mark Baumann and developed with VISTA volunteer Taylor Shraudner.

Peacekeepers trained 28 student mediators in February, 2010, and started mediating disputes between students. Continue reading ‘Peacekeepers peer mediation program’

Peer mediation is coming to Port Angeles!

Beginning in 2010, Port Angeles High School will have a peer mediation program.

Program developers are Mark Baumann and Taylor Schraudner. Student developers are Madison Baumann and Chloe Johnston.

Speaking on high conflict mediation at Seattle U

Mark Baumann will be presenting on mediating with high conflict people at the Seattle University Mediation Clinic / King Co. Dispute Resolution Center 40 hour mediation training on August 12, 2009. Mr. Baumann will present “The Top 10 Tips for working with high conflict people in mediation.”