Angeles Mediation is a service of Mark K. Baumann, Attorney at Law PS

Mark Baumann

Mediation office locations: Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Bothel.

Corporate Office
1337 West Fifth Street
PO Box 2088
Port Angeles WA 98362

Voice phone 360-452-8689
Fax phone 360-452-9974

Office hours are 9-5.




Current clients: If you are a current client, you are welcome to email me any time.

NEW/POTENTIAL CLIENTS, PLEASE NOTE: if you are not an existing client, you should contact us by phone first. Before we speak with any potential client we will conduct a conflict of interest check. Any information you put in your email will not be confidential. Port Angeles is a small community and there is a possibility that the other party in your case may already have contacted our office or may already be our client. If you do send email, you should indicate your name and the names of other people involved, and  keep the description of your situation to one or two sentences, such as “this case involves a divorce.”


I am located in a historic Bungalow Home on the west side of Port Angeles, on the north east corner of 5th and “G” Street.

Driving directions from Downtown Port Angeles

From downtown Port Angeles, travel west on Front Street through downtown. When the one way Front street becomes a two way street again, it changes names to Marine View Drive. About 3 blocks after this, turn Left and go up the viaduct on Tumwater Street. This turn is easy to miss as it is immediately after the Petit Oil building and just before the Plunkin’ Shack restaurant, and is one short block past the left turn for the Tumwater Truck Route. (Please note, the truck route is Tumwater Road, but you want to turn on Tumwater Street. The truck route goes up the valley and under the bridges.)

Tumwater Street (viaduct) goes up for two blocks and then automatically turns west and becomes 5th Street. Go seven blocks to “G” street.

It may be easier to come up Lincoln Street (Highway 101) and turn west on 8th Street. Go about 1.5 miles, over the two 8th Street bridges, then turn left on “G” street, go north 3 blocks to 5th. The office is on the NE corner of 5th & G.

Driving Directions from Forks

There are several ways to get here, but the easiest is to come into Port Angeles, go all the way down Lincoln Street, turn left on Front street, by the new transit center, and follow the directions above. If you know how to get to the north side of the fairgrounds on 18th Street, turn north on “I” street, go to 5th, turn right and go 2 blocks down to “G” Street.