What is mediation?

Mediation is a method to help people resolve their disputes. The mediator is a “neutral” who does not take sides, but instead works to help you find solutions to the problems. Obviously the parties have not been able to find solutions on their own, and mediators are trained to help with this.

Mediation commonly involves:

  • a difference of positions between the respective parties;
  • a desire on the part of the parties to find a positive solution to the dispute and to accept a discussion about respective interests and objectives;
  • the intention of achieving a positive result through the help of an independent, neutral third-party not connected with any of the involved parties;
  • the intention of achieving a stable result, preferably a long-lasting agreement between the parties.

People often describe mediation as a structured negotiation process, where the mediator creates a structure to help the parties negotiate a resolution.

Mediation is effective for any type of case, even “high conflict cases.”