Why should I try mediation?

People typically have two alternatives to solving their legal problems: you can go to court (litigate), or you can mediate. Either choice may be the best one for you. In general, mediation is:

  • Effective: Most mediated cases are resolved without having to go to court.
  • Inexpensive: Mediation can be far less expensive than going to court.
  • Quick: Mediation can be a short-term process and a result can be obtained much faster than in the typical legal process.
  • Confidential: Discussions and disclosures in mediation are confidential. Court documents and hearings are open to the public.
  • You make the choices about your life: If you go to court, the judge will tell you what you get. In mediation, you decide what you get.
  • Skype-phone-email and/or in person: You choose. Mediation is a flexible process designed around your needs.
  • Maintains relationships: If maintaining an ongoing relationship with the other party is important, mediation is a great way to do so. Fighting in court is a great way to ruin relationships with the other party. Co-parenting is a life long process. You can choose to make it easier through mediation or harder through litigation.
  • Allows more flexibility in the process: You design the process. For example, you can share consulting experts to value property, houses, cars –or not. You can share parenting coaches –or not. ¬†You can shoot for a short time frame to reach an agreement, or set a longer goal and try out options before you lock them down with court orders. Depending on your needs, mediation sessions can also be long or short, joint or separate, in person or by phone, in our offices or yours.