This is the home page for Peacekeepers, the Port Angeles High School peer mediation program.

Peacekeepers trained 28 student mediators in February, 2010, and started mediating disputes between students. If you have a problem or dispute with another student contact the vice principal.

Peer Mediation is a program where students help students resolve their problems. Adults are not involved in the mediation process. Students are trained in mediation skills to help their peers resolve conflicts in a nonviolent way. Mediators learn a variety of skills to facilitate communication and listening, that can be applied in mediation and virtually any situation. Mediation skills are an excellent life time skill and item on any resume.

If you are interested in becoming a Peacekeeper, PAHS Vista Program, at 360-504-1201, or Mark Baumann, Attorney/Angeles Mediation, at 360-452-8688.

PeaceKeepers would like to thank the Port Angeles Education Foundation and the Kiwanis of Port Angeles for their financial support of the program, and Superintendent Dr. Jane Pryne, PAHS Principal Gary Cameron for their support of the program.